Financing of plastic surgery

Private practice for plastic and aesthetic surgery Wachsmuth and Völpel, M.D. offers possibilities to finance your plastic surgery. 

Mrs Caterina Glöckner and Kerstin Rücker, consultant of German Bank (Deutsche Bank) will inform you about all important facts according financing plastic surgery.


What is medipay?

Medipay is a payment by installments at reduced rates of interest. It's good for privat bills from patients with state insurance as well as private insurance.

How does it work?

It's simple! You will get a medipay precontract from us. If you're interested in medipay just fill in the form and sign it and send it directly back to medipay. Medipay will contact you then and take over for transaction and correspondence. You'll get medipay confirmationform when your credit is approved. This form has to be filled in and signed by you and your doctor and sent back to medipay. On receipt of this form the approved amount is payed out.

To much time and effort for you?

Medipay also offers an online form that can be easily filled in. 

Online form here: Online form

Who can use medipay?

Generally every person that lives in Germany with main residence and a job can use medipay. For students or not working housewives, e.g., an alternative debtor is needed.

Your medipay advantages

  • Everything is possible. Acces to high-grade and individual benefits comfort medicine.
  • At reduced rates of interest, payment on account.
  • Medipay is already usable from 250 EUR.
  • Early repayment possible.

How to go on?

Need further information? Don't hesitate to contact us.!


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